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The Fold Nature Trails

The trails at The Fold have been established since 2015 in co-operation with Worcestershire Countryside Service. Worcester Roots Youth Charity have developed a trail along the line of the old Bromyard railway. Various parts of our trail network follow existing rights of way or use permitted access to areas such as the Tank Lake that were formerly closed to walkers. 

We request walkers to respect our countryside and follow the country code. Some simple rules will allow everyone to enjoy the nature trails and to keep nature alive and thriving. 

Outside The Fold

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The Lake Trail:

This trail is around ¾ of a mile and takes you to the beautiful and peaceful Tank Lake area. Here, you have stunning views of the Malvern Hills and surrounding area, can watch the wild birds, and enjoy the wild flowers and reeds which surround the lake – it’s a perfect area for a picnic.

The Railway Trail:

This trail is around 1 mile long. Following the route of the old Worcester to Leominster Railway, this leafy, wooded track is ideal for nature spotting with many trees, birds and flowers to see. The end of the track joins the Lakeside Trail with access back to the Fold Café.

This part of the Nature Trail has been constructed by volunteers from The Worcester Roots Foundation. We would like to thank them for their hard work and we are sure that everyone who visits the Railway Trail will see what a great job they have done.

The River Trail:

This trail is around 1 mile long in total and takes you down to the River Teme with its dramatic view across the surrounding countryside. The secluded River Trail, with a picnic area, eventually joins the Railway and Lake trails.

Sculptures – ‘Adam and Eve’ and ‘Little Gods’ created by world renowned sculpture artist Caro Burberry

Nature Trail News…

Nature Trail News…

After our hot summer, recent rain has refreshed the woodlands and hedgerows but failed to raise the water level in the two reservoirs which remain very low. This exposed mud gave the opportunity to look at some footprints and it seems that an otter might have been...

Life and death at The Fold

Life and death at The Fold

Life for wild creatures in our countryside has never been more difficult and the evidence is there for all to see - just look at the windscreen on your car after driving 50 miles. Do you remember 25 or even 50 years ago. The screen would require cleaning afterwards...

Looking after wildlife at The Fold

Looking after wildlife at The Fold

The ever improving activity at the Fold with new crop growing areas and poultry farming as well as the increasing popularity of fishing (as the size of the carp in the reservoirs gets larger), does practically mean that there is now less time when wildlife can do its...