Craniosacral Therapy

Sarah Jane Saull

About Sarah Jane

I am passionate about craniosacral therapy and how it helps bring people in to a more healthy relationship with themselves. Empowering people to reconnect to their own body, mind and spirit is a privilege.

I love noticing how people evolve during their treatments,  their bodies start to learn how to resource themselves in a process of self healing.  This enables the clients to deal with daily life and stress in a more centred and grounded way.

I completed my training in July 2017 and am a member of the CSTA and a member of the UK Reiki Federation.

My background originally was in Equine craniosacral and my aim now is to bring a healthy balance to people or animals in which ever realm is needed, as a Craniosacral Practitioner I already treat horse and rider.

I am fully insured practitioner


Craniosacral therapy is a whole person treatment using a gentle therapeutic touch re-establishing the correct flow of cerebral spinal fluid through the body. When this flow gets restricted or blocked then there is a disruption to the central nervous system and how it may be functioning causing dis-ease within in the whole body.

Craniosacral therapy helps to resolve these disturbances, restrictions and restore a healthy flow so the whole of the body can remain full of vitality and health.

how or who can it help?

Craniosacral therapy can help young and old and all sorts of ailments, chronic or acute. The birth process can hinder the flow of CSF, daily life and stresses, if we have endured any sudden impacts on our body, emotional upsets or disturbances. Sometimes we don’t even register that we have encountered such disturbances but we may be experiencing other symptoms like tiredness, anxieties, low mood or not being able to concentrate, just to name a few.

During a craniosacral session you remain fully clothed and comfortable on a therapy table.  Light contact on your body is made with the hands and is always negotiated. We are not restricted to just the spine and skull as other areas of the body may need some contact. Cranio is about the physical, mental and emotional state of someone and how their bodies health expresses itself.

conditions i have treated

  • held emotions
  • reconnecting to ones self
  • electromagnetic discomfort

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