Our VEG BOXES – Restarting June 2018

Each week until Christmas (30 weeks) we supply the best freshly-picked, seasonal organic veg from the Fold Farm, creating as varied a selection as we can from the 70+ varieties of vegetables we grow, as well as some fruit. For most of the year the boxes will contain 100% Fold-grown vegetables. When our own harvests of staple vegetables finish we may buy in organic onions and carrots from other local producers.

This year we offer a 30-week subscription for the whole season at a reduced rate, saving you £60! Or you can order boxes online, by email or phone and pay £12 for each one on collection. You’ll be able to collect boxes on any weekday of your choice, and we’ll fill them with the freshest, tastiest offerings from the plot.

We really hope you’ll consider supporting us with a subscription, helping to develop this fledgling business and shape how the market garden grows in future years.

Orders for the boxes will start from w/c Monday June 4th 2018 and the last collection day will be December 24th 2018 (30 weeks). There will be an additional weekend collection available just before Christmas.

contact the farm: or 07476 810 680


What previous customers have said:

“The boxes were a real source of delight to us. It was lovely to get such a variety of vegetables and to try things we had not eaten before.”

“We had used veg boxes quite a few years before but we found the Fold boxes to be significantly better. We found the vegetables so fresh, interesting and full of flavour. And the generous box-fulls seemed excellent value.”

“I loved how [the vegetables] remained fresh for days. I never knew what I was going to get and loved unpacking it.”

How big are the boxes?

Boxes contain on average 10 items, a mix between leafy vegetables, fruit, roots and herbs. Some of our previous customers have found it feeds two, some find it enough for four – it depends on how much veg you eat!

How much does it cost?

Pay-as-you-go boxes are £12 each (£360 for 30 week season). You can subscribe for the 30 weeks up-front for £300 this saves you £60 – the equivalent of 5 weeks of free veg-boxes! 

If you would like to subscribe to the box scheme but aren’t able to pay up front, don’t worry, after purchasing your 25th full price box then the remaining weekly boxes up to 24th December 2018 are free of charge.

example box in August

• 500g plum tomatoes
• 1 aubergine
• 1kg potatoes
• 250g tenderstem broccoli
• 250g French beans
• 1 cucumber
• 500g courgettes
• kohl rabi
• 1 bag of mixed salad
• large bunch of basil

How do I order?

If you want to subscribe to the scheme then you can email or call us to register. To make pay-as-you-go orders then you need to call or email the farm each week. We need at least 24 hours’ notice between order and collection or if you want to change from your usual delivery day. We don’t make custom boxes, but if there are one or two items you particularly don’t want to receive then please let us know.

How do I collect my box and pay?

30-week subscriptions can be paid by BACS transfer and boxes collected from the Fold Farm Shop (during opening hours). If you are unable to collect during opening hours then you can collect from a pre-arranged location at the Fold.

For pay-as-you-go customers you can collect and pay for your box at the Fold Farm Shop. If you are unable to collect during opening hours then we can arrange online payment and an out-of-hours collection point at the Fold.

If you are interested in joining the scheme but can’t make it to the Fold to collect your box, please get in touch anyway, we may be able to arrange a drop off point in a location convenient to you, or perhaps someone you know can collect it for you?

Cancelling a box or subscription

For pay-as-you-go boxes we ask for 24 hours’ notice of cancellation. If you are unable to collect a subscription box (for example if you are on holiday) you are welcome to donate your box for a friend to collect. If you would like to leave the subscription scheme then you will be charged £12 for every box received up to the finishing date and refunded the remainder (you will not receive the free boxes associated with the subscription).

Who grows the vegetables?

The Fold Farm is managed and tended to by growers Laura and Raphy with help from trainee El. We are all passionate about healthy food, environment and people. The farm team are assisted by weekly volunteers Moira and Catherine, with help from the participants and volunteers of the Fold Care Farm.
We love being able to sell our produce direct to the customer and value your questions and feedback.

If you would like to spend the day on the farm, or have a short tour to see where your veg comes from then contact the farm to arrange.

once boxes restart in June you will be able to order boxes online:

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