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The Fold Farm shop offers a wide range of local, organic and sustainable products. From fresh organic vegetables straight from our farm to environmentally friendly cleaning products.

To order by phone for same day collection please ring by 10.30am.

Tuesday – Saturday: 9.30am – 4.30pm

Phone: 01886 833 500

Outside The Fold

The Story of Our Food

All food has a story.

We believe our customers want to know the story of their food – how it was grown, where it was grown, how it was processed, how it was packaged and transported – all the things that make good food “good” in every sense of the word.

When we select a product for our shop we’ll want to know its story. We’ll look only at local, seasonal, organic produce – where practical. We will select suppliers that we know, and products that we know have been produced to meet our standards – that we have tasted, tested and know to be the best of its type.

So, when you buy produce from The Fold Farm Shop we will be able to tell you its story, and you can be assured it’s going to be good.

Local products available

Alongside selling fresh organic vegetables and eggs from our own farm are big supporters of farmers and food suppliers in the local area, and you can be sure to find a wide variety of these available to purchase in our shop. 

Fresh Fruit and Veg from: The Fold Farm, Skylarks Organic

Baked goods including Bread, Pastries, Pasties, Tarts, Cakes and Scotch eggs from: Peter Cooks Bread, Alex Gooch Vegan Bakery, Myrtles Kitchen Pastries, Gill Pressman

Meat and Dairy From: Welsh Farm Organics, Graig Farm Organic Meat, Fowlers Cheese, Simon Weaver Organic Brie, Macneils Smokehouse, Legges of Bromyard

Preserves and more from: Fat Man Chilli, Myrtles Kitchen, Kit’s Kitchen, The Ferme, What a Pickle, Droitwich Salt, Tyrells, Jeff’s Bees Honey, Clive’s Fruit Farm, 

…and more!

We are always on the lookout to collaborate with companies to provide the best products for our customers so check in-store yourself to see all that we have on offer. We are also happy to order specific items in for you. Just chat to the friendly team on 01886 833500 to arrange.

Hamps Wines

Providing a wide variety of organic and/or local Wines, Spirits, Beers and Ciders. Hamps has been at The Fold for over seven years and has been in retail for 45 years. He is a proud and enthusiastic supporter of our local vineyards and brewers.

To see the full range of what David has to offer, please visit his website

To contact David Hamps call 07773 611124 or The Farm Shop on 01886 833500.

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