The Fold Cafe


Open times:
Tuesday – Saturday: 9.30am – 4.30pm
First Sunday of every month (market day): 10am – 2pm

We have a selection of  soups, salads and sandwiches preferred fresh every day, alongside a range of cakes made by Canapesbygill and pastries by Peter Cooks Bread. In our Farm Shop we also sell a wide range of meat and dairy alternatives from cashew cream cheese to tempeh for you to prepare at home.

Walk-in only, no table bookings. Any enquiries please email:

Outside The Fold

The Fold Food Provenance Policy Statement

Here at The Fold, we look consciously at all we serve in the café with respect to its ethical and environmental considerations for our community.

We do this with each new recipe and the buying decisions of each product. We also have meetings with representatives of the Fold community where this is considered collectively.

This doesn’t make our life easy but it does make it easier to live with ourselves – to help us feel good about the food we sell and eat. We often find it very difficult to know what decisions to make – there are so many factors to think about! But we continue this journey and welcome your thoughts.

As a guide we endeavour to purchase:

  • 75% or more within 20 miles
  • 15% from the rest of Britain
  • 5% from Europe
  • 5% from the rest of the World

Within this, as much as possible will be organically grown (though not necessarily certified) and certainly fairtrade.

All meat will certainly be of known ethical provenance, free range and preferably organic.

All root vegetables will be organic

Use of ingredients from the Fold Farm will be maximised.

Groceries will be as organic where practical.

We do not:

  • use any ingredients with GM, or meat or dairy that has been fed with GM ingredients
  • use any palm oil
  • use any meat from industrial agriculture (i.e. wholesale)
  • use any non-organic root vegetables
  • buy in any ingredients that are available from the Fold Farm
The Fold Café

We’re supplied by our own Soil Association certified organic farm and other local organic growers from the area.

We do need to use some ingredients from slightly further afield such as our dried goods (spices, tea, coffee, grains and pulses etc), and we purchase these from the “Essential” food co-operative based in Bristol. We source Fairtrade and organic wherever possible and practical.

Our coffee is certified organic and fairly traded from Indonesia using a local, independent supplier and all of our milk and dairy is from an organic dairy in Tewkesbury.

We are fans of the Slow Food movement. At any one time our intention is to have a small but good and varied selection available. We are happy to cater for special dietary requirements wherever possible – please just ask!

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