The Fold Farm

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Who we are

The heart of The Fold has always been our organic farm. Historically the site has been part of founder William Tooby’s family farm and has been providing food for the community for many years. It now has a small team of growers that work hard to produce beautiful vegetables, herbs, fruit and flowers all year round.

The team are often joined by volunteers from both the local community and further afield as part of our residential volunteer schemes, people who want to learn from and contribute to the land. 

As part of the farm we also run a care farm, which uses farming as a therapeutic practice to help support vulnerable adults and young people. 

The Fold Care Farm

Learn more about our care farm and how we use farming as a theraputic practise as part of our working organic farm. 

Interested in becoming a volunteer?

Find out more about the volunteering schemes we run at The Fold and how you can get involved.

Where we grow

We currently grow on about 2 acres of land spread across two fields – one called Cherry Orchard, the other called Holy Well. In both fields we have outdoor growing space, as well as polytunnels. We also have a seperate greenhouse and raise most of our own plants from seed. We have more land and plan to expand into it over the next few years.

We manage the land organically, using crop rotation, minimal tillage, green manures and compost to maintain soil fertility and plant health. our market garden sits within a larger farm and all the land is certified organic by the Soil Association. We also keep bees and have a small flock of laying hens.

Where to buy The Fold Farm’s produce

The produce is available to buy at our farm shop, at our monthly on-site market, through the weekly veg box scheme, as well as used in The Fold Cafe and other local businesses.

If you are a local business looking for an organic supplier and want to discuss the potential of collaborating with The Fold Farm please contact our farm manager Rachel at

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A fresh mid-summer amuse-bouche recipe

A fresh mid-summer amuse-bouche recipe

By Raphi Martin This year on The Fold Farm we have A LOT of Nasturtiums flowers, there’s always the volunteers, self-seeding from the previous years and the ones we plant to attract pollinators, to deter pest and to pick for a nice addition to our mixed salad leaves....

Luke’s Recipe: Broad Bean ‘Hummus’

Luke’s Recipe: Broad Bean ‘Hummus’

Broad Beans are here woooo! This recipe is for a Broad Bean Hummus (i don't think it can technically be called a Hummus as it doesn't contain any chickpeas, but thats how i think of it) that keeps the Beans as fresh and vibrant as possible with minimal cooking. Its...