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We are really pleased to be able to reopen our Care Farm provision from Thursday 6th August. We will begin by offering one day per week of provision on Thursdays, at the usual times of 10am-3.30pm and we hope to build back up to our normal three days of provision over the coming months.

Our Care Farm has been temporarily closed since the announcement of lock down and we are now emerging into the next phase of this pandemic. As services such as our Care Farm re-open there is the need to balance the importance of protecting physical health alongside supporting good mental health through human connection and interaction. We are therefore taking all possible steps to ensure we are minimising the risk of transmission of Covid-19 for all attending the Fold Care Farm, whilst providing therapeutic land based activities that support physical and mental well being.

The Fold Care Farm Covid-19 Risk Assessment

What is The Care Farm at The Fold?

Care Farming is the therapeutic use of farming practices to improve the health and well-being of individuals, communities, and the environment. At The Fold Care Farm we offer meaningful, land-based activities in a welcoming and accepting environment for people with range of support needs such as a learning disability, mental health issues or acquired brain injury.

Outside The Fold

We also offer provision for young people both from mainstream schools and colleges, and students accessing alternative education provision.

The Care Farm is part of our organic market garden on-site which produces vegetables, fruit, herbs and cut flowers, as well as having a flock of organic hens and beehives. We are a small team with a family feel, we have a maximum of 6 participants per day, with a high ratio of experienced staff and volunteers to provide support.

Participants find that there are many benefits to attending the Care Farm including including increased confidence and improvement in their physical and mental well-being alongside gaining new skills in growing plants and vegetables, natural crafts and the opportunity to work towards AQA accredited units which improves the chance of future employment.

There is a small fee to attend which is normally covered by the personal independence payment. To see if the care farm is the right fit for participants, we offer a FREE taster session for those interested in coming to the Care Farm.

What activities do participants undertake?

All activities that The Care Farm undertake are meaningful to the running of the farm. Natural crafts created such as bird and insect boxes are often sold in the Farm Shop to help raise money to then put back into the care farm. Due to the nature of land-based work the tasks are varied and seasonal but can include: 

-Preparing the garden for growing crops, eg. Clearing areas, preparing the soil for plants, making, and spreading compost.

-Growing crops, eg. Sowing seeds, transplanting seedlings, care of plants, weeding, watering, and mulching

-Harvesting crops eg. Using different methods of harvesting, weighing, and recording produce, seed saving

-Poultry Care eg feeding, collecting eggs, cleaning out housing, carrying out health checks

-Bee keeping eg inspecting hives, harvesting honey

-Crafts using natural materials, eg. Woodwork, willow craft

-Creating wildlife habitats eg constructing nest boxes and wildlife refuges

-Cooking and preserving produce- we have a well-equipped kitchen to experience the cycle from field to fork. 

Would you or someone you know benefit from attending The Fold Care Farm?

To find out more information or to arrange a taster session please contact Kate Broad, our Care Farm manager on 01886 833633 or email  


For those that would like to gain experience in adult health and social care or want to give back to the local community we do have some volunteering places available. Please visit our volunteering page for more information.

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