Our Why

Why we do what we do

The Fold – a Centre for Inspiration, Creativity and Healing

The Fold is a not for profit community interest company set up to carry out activities which benefit the community and in particular improve the health and wellbeing of individuals, the local and wider community and the planet, to support the local economy and to promote environmentally sustainable practices.

Our Aims

  • Create a sustainable enterprise and supportive community based on a balanced mix of arts, trades, therapies, courses and services that are mutually complementary
  • Provide an inspirational meeting place for the local community
  • Provide employment for local people and support our local economy
  • Create and serve loveable, local and organic food in a café that is the heart of the Fold, and out-catering to the local community
  • Facilitate the Natural Therapy Centre as a loved and well-used centre of excellence for natural and complementary therapies, providing opportunities for people to engage with their own health
  • Create inspirational seasonal events throughout the year
  • Provide an inspirational experience for visitors with opportunities for the purchase of locally crafted and eco goods
  • Extend an invitation to people to engage with their own healing process
  • Provide education and training aligned with who we are
  • Demonstrate the use of sustainable building techniques and materials in action
Outside The Fold

Our Values

Our values and culture are essential to our behaviour. We want to live and breathe them, walking our talk.

In the context of survival, our most important value is ‘Financial Stability’.

It is fundamental that the Fold becomes financially stable so that it can pay wages, bills and other financial commitments, make enough to invest in the future and ensure funding for difficult times.

Supportive behaviours include:

  • Individuals being aware of the budget and current financial situation
  • People bringing financial awareness into their everyday activities

Those that do not support this value include behaviours such as purchasing outside of budget or without relevant consultation.

In terms of relationships, we most value ‘Respect’.

We listen, with the intention of suspending personal judgement, in order to hear and understand what the other is saying or doing.

Supportive behaviours include:

  • Listening and considering in communications rather than reacting
  • Creating the time and space for open conversation
  • Noticing the positive things that are being done before the negative

Counter behaviours include ‘blurting’, blaming, complaining, and not listening.

In terms of self-esteem and performance, we most value ‘Excellence’.

We care about what we do, are enthusiastic about doing it well and aim for consistent quality, which is not necessarily perfection.

Supportive behaviours include:

  • Everyone demonstrating through their behaviour an understanding of what quality means in each situation
  • Staff being mindful of their actions and doing their best
  • Staff being encouraged to undertake suitable training

Counter behaviours include displaying careless or sloppy attitude to assigned tasks.

In terms of transformation, we most value ‘Continuous improvement’.

We encourage individuals to seek and put into action changes that progress the mission of the Fold in line with these values.

Supportive behaviours include:

  • Improving ideas that are captured, discussed and implemented
  • Monitoring what has happened and implementing actions to improve future performance and outcomes
  • People seeking out and putting into action changes that best serve and progress the mission of the Fold
  • Regular appraisals which lead to positive and beneficial actions
  • Healthy challenges and questioning the way we do things
  • Ensuring clear ownership of projects and follow-up

Counter behaviours include ideas being hijacked or not supported


In terms of internal & external cohesion we believe in integrity, share these values and focus on our mission.

Together with the fundamental value of integrity, we strive to help staff understand, relate to and live the values and mission of the Fold that we are co-creating.

Supportive behaviours include:

  • Staff talking about and connecting the Fold’s values with each other and customers regularly and often.
  • People are conscious of and connected to our values in their actions and conversations
  • Directors and staff walking the talk of these values
  • Staff training to aid understanding of environmental concerns and our consequential actions

Counter behaviours include behaving in a way which compromises the values of the Fold.

In terms of service we consider ‘Future Generations’.

By this we mean our care and concern for future generations underpins what we do and how we do it.

Supportive behaviours include:

  • Despite financial and social pressures of doing things as “Business as Usual” you would witness things being done ethically & sustainably with care

Counter behaviours include doing something as usual despite knowing it’s not within our values.

Our Motivation

We live in a truly extraordinary and wonderful world, which has evolved over millennia to be what it is. We have so much to be grateful for, whether it’s families, friends, delightful food, enriching conversations, gardens, plants and the incredible natural world.  When we give ourselves time to get out into nature how can we be anything but grateful for the frost on cobwebs, lichen on trees or a beautiful sunset?

Yet despite this and our innate knowledge of how special the natural world is, mankind faces a crisis of an unprecedented scale. We have to face the shocking truth that we are systematically destroying the capability of our planet to sustain life and that we are part of life and therefore also threatened.

Beyond the environment, the economy and political systems are locked in an unhealthy relationship of growth and power which is becoming increasingly unsustainable.

We believe that it is our responsibility to challenge and reconsider our lifestyles and relationships and co-create resilient, sustainable communities.  “Business as usual” is clearly not an option.

The Crisis

Mankind is clearly facing the potential of a deep multiple crisis that includes:


Currently growing at a rate of 1 billion every twelve years


We are living amidst the greatest mass extinction of species since that of the dinosaur’s 65 million years ago and the main cause is human activity.


The ecological limits of the oceans are now near or past tipping points


Over half of the world’s forests have been lost in the last 8000 years with most of that occurring in the 20th Century.


Groundwater is being pumped in many areas faster than it is being replenished causing aquifer depletion. Great rivers like the Colorado, Yellow River and the Nile no longer run to the sea all year round.


More resources have been consumed and have become depleted over the last 50 years than in all of our time on earth. Yet we are no happier and depression rates have reached epidemic proportions. Our addiction to consumption has serious consequences.

Climate Change

CO2 levels are at the highest for 42,000 years and the earth’s atmosphere is warming at the fastest rate in recorded history. This trend is projected to further change weather systems significantly and damage forests, marine ecosystems & agriculture. Human communities are also threatened by sea level rise and erratic weather events.

Ancient sunlight & its peak

We are rapidly squandering the precious resource of ancient sunlight that we have inherited and whilst Peak oil is being nudged off a little with the discovery of large sub-salt reserves off Brazil, the Gulf of Mexico and Africa, it is still likely to be reached this decade. Only history will decide when it’s happened and its impact on energy prices. They will certainly go up!


Our politicians and corporate businesses run the economy with the hope that it will grow forever on a planet with finite resources. To prop up this paradigm, most money is now in the precarious computer-driven financial markets rather than the real world of trade


Our political system is inextricably linked through lobbying to the industrial growth society of corporate business which feeds its addiction.

Humankind Crossroads

We are at a crossroads. A knife-edge. An ecological tipping point. We can choose which way to go. We have three possibilities:-

  1. We continue with ‘business as usual’ blind to what we are doing and hope that a miracle or a technological fix will sort everything out.
  2. We live into the disastrous possibilities that ‘business as usual’ is creating, sometimes called the ‘Great Unravelling’ and the consequences of the crisis.
  3. We choose this time as an opportunity to transition to a life-sustaining society, we might call this the ‘Great Turning’ to the Ecozoic age.

We are the generation with information, knowledge and science at our fingertips. Our actions and activities now will decide the fate of our world and that of our children and their children.

It is our choice which of the 3 stories we want to get behind.  We can choose where we put our attention.  There is no guarantee which story will unfold.  Uncertainty is the only certainty! 

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Beginners Yoga with Melissa Porter

January 24 @ 6:45 pm - 7:45 pm
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An event every week that begins at 6:45 pm on Friday, repeating indefinitely

An event every week that begins at 9:30 am on Wednesday, repeating until 10th January 2020

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Sewing for the Terrified (2 days)

January 25 @ 12:00 am - 11:59 pm
|Recurring Event (See all)

An event every week that begins at 12:00 am on Saturday, repeating until 25th January 2020

BCMB: Introduction to Massage with Cleo Struggles

January 25 @ 9:00 am - January 26 @ 6:00 pm
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