Our purpose

Inspiring education and practice in the art of living well with all life on earth.

Why was the fold established?

The Fold was created in the knowledge that humankind is heading for a catastrophe, that if we are to survive, we need to learn to live differently, more gently and reverentially, that business as usual is not an option. 

It was established as a community facility where individuals can come together share their concerns for the world and create and practice new ways of conscious being for a better world. As the climate and extinction crises unravel there can be no doubt of the importance and value of our work. 

The Fold’s mission is to carry out activities which benefit the community and in particular improve the health and wellbeing of individuals, the local and wider community and the planet, to support the local economy and to promote environmentally sustainable practices.

William Tooby

Founder and Director of The Fold

Artisan village, organic farm and place to grow

We aspire to develop as a community centre for earth training where learning from nature and living into resilience, self-development and self-reliance are core. The Fold is set on an organic farm and includes:

• An organic market garden supplying our weekly veg box scheme our café and shop
• A care farm supporting participants with specific needs on the farm and in nature.
• A Local Seasonal and Organic Café and Farm shop,
• A Therapy Centre where a wide range of natural therapies are practised
• Events and workshops from yoga to celebrations of life, markets, concerts and more
• Nature trails into the stunning Teme valley
• A community of studio shops, local businesses and artisans
• A small on-site intentional community

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