The Fold

A ‘not-for-profit’ social enterprise acting as a vehicle for positive change

A vehicle for positive change

The Fold is a ‘not-for-profit’ social enterprise acting as a vehicle for positive change.

Our community includes

  • a Natural Therapy Centre
  • a Real Food Café serving exceptional local, seasonal and organic food
  • a  Farm that grows healthy food in ecological ways for the Café and for people in the area
  • a Care Farm that supports people who are not easily included in our society
  • a Farm Shop promoting local, ethical and holistic products
  • eight studio workshops for artists and artisans
  • spaces for courses, events and festivals that support our vision of a more beautiful world.
Outside The Fold

A supportive space

Our intention is to provide a supportive space that helps and inspires us to make the changes we need to make in order to achieve sustainable, peaceful and fulfilling lives for ourselves and our society on this planet. We seek to create a culture of reverence for life – a culture in which we are guided by gratitude and care for our planet and the ecosystems that give us life.


We recognise that, as individuals, we need to take responsibility for the health of ourselves, of each other and that of the ecosystems we are a part of. We see the route to achieving this through connection with nature (both within and without), through the liberation of our innate creativity, through the support of a local economy and a redefinition of success.

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