Following the devastating destruction of our sculpture ‘Eve’ last week we have launched a £10,000 fundraising campaign to replace it.

‘Eve’, a striking 5ft tall glass fibre and Portland cement head by renowned sculptor Caro Burberry, has stood on the shores of our nature trail lake for several years. On Thursday 26th June vandals tore the sculpture off its plinth and smashed it up on the ground, at the site above the River Teme.

The Fold’s founder William Tooby said he was “gutted” by the destruction of Eve, which was cast by Caro Burberry in the early 2000s when she rented one of William’s studios in Bransford. Only three pairs were ever made. One stands in the grounds of the University of Winchester, another at the Canwood Gallery in Checkley, Herefordshire. He acquired Adam and Eve through a sculpture fund he and Caro set up to promote the arts. Each piece is estimated to be worth £10,000.

Villagers in Bransford have for weeks been complaining about groups of youngsters parking on the verge by The Bank House Hotel and heading down to the River Teme at The Fold for parties. Fold staff have had to clear up litter and other debris left behind, and the vandalism of Eve has further angered the community.

“I cherish this land, and I love to share it with everyone, so to see it violated in this way is makes me realize how far we, the human race, have yet to travel” said William.

“I’m pleased that so many people have been enjoying this beautiful countryside during the hot weather, but so many visitors does raise concerns, particularly with Eve being smashed and so much litter being left on the land.

“Visitors are welcome provided they follow basic guidelines: keep to the paths, take all litter home if it’s your own or someone else’s, don’t have fires or barbecues, practice social distancing and don’t drink alcohol, particularly if you’re swimming.

“The River Teme has powerful whirlpools where people have drowned. Please also be aware that we share this beautiful land with so many species that are under threat, and even swimming in the river disturbs the delicate balance of ecology. We’ll have to hold no swimming days unless people are more sensitive and better self-manage.”

John Snelson, Chairman of St John’s Angling Society, which fishes the pools at The Fold, said club members were horrified and pledged the society would donate to the campaign.“Will doesn’t have to share his land with anyone, but he does. It’s such a tranquil place and to have had this happen is devastating.”

Caro Burberry called the vandals’ action “a total disrespect for the human race”.

“I feel so upset for Will,” she said. “And for all the staff at The Fold, who have poured so much time and effort into creating the nature reserve. My sadness is for their loss. People always put their money behind projects that give them joy, and donating to this appeal would be a great way of showing appreciation for a wonderful place.”

After sharing the news on social media we have received an outpouring of love and support from the community which has proven how beloved the sculpture was to everyone. We are so grateful to everyone who has donated or extended the offer to help and hope that with this we will be able to replace ‘Eve’ with an even more beautiful and beloved piece of art.

Donations to The Fold’s appeal to repair or replace Eve can be made here or by searching The Fold on