By Raphi Martin

This year on The Fold Farm we have A LOT of Nasturtiums flowers, there’s always the volunteers, self-seeding from the previous years and the ones we plant to attract pollinators, to deter pest and to pick for a nice addition to our mixed salad leaves. We recently started selling boxes of organic edibles flowers so if you are not growing them yourselves or cannot find anyone who does, pop in The Fold farm shop and get a box of these little wonders.

This recipe delightfully allies the peppery taste of the Nasturtium flower, the oniony flavour of Chives, the citrusy notes of Lemon balm and the softness of fresh cheese.


10 Nasturtium flowers

Soft cheese

Chives and Lemon balm, few sprigs of each herb

Olive oil and salt, to taste

For the suggested presentation:

10 Nasturtium leaves


Start by gently shaking the Nasturtium flowers, checking for any bugs (they are good at hiding!), and put aside.

Chop up the herbs as fine as you wish.

Add the herb mix to the soft cheese, adding a little of olive oil and salt to taste.

Now it is time to show your delicate touch to stuff the flowers!

Get some soft cheese herby mix on the tip of a butter knife and place inside the Nasturtium flower.

Suggestion of presentation:

First, place the Nasturtium leaves on a plate, covering it.

Then, arrange the stuffed flowers in concentric circles, facing outwards.


It is now ready to be served and enjoyed!

These amuse-bouche can be prepared in advance and kept in the fridge for a few hours.