The Fold do-it-yourself wind turbine is ready to leave the workshop and go out into the world!

The pictures show the construction of a homemade wind turbine produced by following Hugh Piggott’s design.

The rotor has three wooden blades made from glued laminated wood which was then sawn and sanded into an aerofoil shape. The rotor diameter is a little under six feet. The rotor drives a handmade alternator generating 24 volts and delivering a power of up to 500 Watts. This is sufficient to power a computer, lights, fridge, and other similar sized electrical items.

The wind turbine has a simple mechanical self-governing furling tale which folds up in strong winds. This allows the rotor to turn out of the wind and limits the rotor speed and power output to safe designed limits.

Hugh Piggott wind turbines like this one have powered homes worldwide from India, South America and Scotland for over two decades. Get the recipe and build your own here: