I am very pleased to introduce myself to you all. I am Emma Wurmli-Quan, and I have recently joined Lucy and the garden team here at The Fold.

My role is to support Lucy in providing therapeutic land-based sessions with individuals coming to the fold care farm, as well as helping to run our family gardening days during the school holidays.

I have recently moved to Worcester from Dorset where I was working at another care farm and environmental education charity, based on an organic farm.

My background is in environmental and outdoor education and I am thrilled to become part of the team at The Fold, and to be able to bring my passion and experience to this role.

We have an exciting year ahead of us, and I am looking forward to working on building up the care farm so more people can benefit from engaging in positive, meaningful work outdoors in this beautiful setting.

It feels like a really exciting time to join the Fold as we prepare to put the first crops in to our new production field, and start to increase our capacity to work with a wider range of individuals and groups.

I am looking forward to seeing the Fold grow and develop over the coming years, and to see us being able to welcome more and more people, of all ages and from all walks of life on to the land, to explore and learn first-hand where our food comes from, and how we grow and nurture the plants, the land, and in turn, ourselves in the process.

To me, food production is a universal way to make connections between people, and the land and systems and cycles that support life. Through understanding the origins of our food, and the choices we have regarding how it is produced, we can connect on a deeper level with our living planet.

I hope that over the coming months I will get to meet, or even work alongside some of you, or even to wave at you as you enjoy soaking up the beauty of the Fold on one of the nature trails – do take a peek over the gate at the care farm if you’re out for a walk!

Emma Wurmli-Quan, April 2017