Next time you go for a walk on the nature trail, pop your head over the gate into the Care Farm at the bottom of the track and you might notice some new bee hives and strange little boxes dotted around in the site!


We are very lucky to have wonderful people volunteering to help us with our bees. Paul and Tony have done some early spring sorting out, and we’re delighted to report two thriving colonies of bees in national bee hives. They still have plenty of their own stores with quite a few yummy frames of honey still capped and ready to eat, if they are not able to find enough nectar and pollen at this time of year on their foraging trips when the weather allows. If you have dandelions starting to flower, consider leaving them until just before they send out their seeds so that the bees have a chance to feed.


On that note, last week we noticed many of the female worker bees bringing in an abundance of pollen. This is an indication that the bees are starting to rear brood for the new season, as the pollen is an essential part of the diet of immature (larval) bees. It is an amazing food full of protein and other invaluable nutrients that hopefully should help our hives to thrive this year.

That brings us to the mysterious little boxes dotted around on buildings and hedges down at Holywell. We call these ‘nuc boxes’, and have put them there to attract any bee swarms that look for a new home after fleeing the nest. We will now get busy repairing and preparing hive equipment (including WBC and top bar hives) in readiness to put any new swarms in them. So, with any luck, you should see some new hives appearing this year, full of busy bees!